Our goal at Pericos is to give our guests a sampler of Mexican foods and beverages. The menu is designed with the purpose of enjoying what “we” in Mexico eat with a little twist on spices and flavors which may upset sensitive stomachs.
These are just a few reasons why PERICOS has been a “True Tradition” in Cancun for three decades. Now, it is your turn to live this exciting Mexican experience! Come and enjoy Forever Fiesta!
When you visit Pericos be ready for a totally different experience! We really mean it! Pericos goes beyond your imagination of what you have experienced in a restaurant. The food, original house cocktails, a humorous staff of over one hundred, colorful décor and the live music of the Marimba  Orchestra and Mariachi Bands all come together in a single evening to make your dining experience the most memorable day of your trip to Cancun!
PERICOS is very proud to be Mexican! The restaurant is a blend of historical and cultural décor. Emphasizing the Mexican Revolution with traditionally dressed staff and historical murals decorating the walls, it’s our way of saying Viva Mexico Señores!! The numerous sceneries of skeletons represent the humor and joy of our people (Mexicans believe joy will last even after we depart from this life). The furniture, paintings and sculptures represent a tribute to great Mexican Artists such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo among others

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Perico's Recepie

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Avenida Yaxchilan # 61